Why us?

Protecting Your Future

What is Business Protection?

Business Protection focuses on protecting the Business from within, We aim to Bridge the gap between Security and Law Enforcement and bring a Positive change to the way the Threat of Business Related Crime is Addressed by Organizations.

We Train our staff Extensively in Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Handcuffing, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Sections of Law, GDPR and More.

We work Closely with our Clients to Establish there wants and needs, and how we can Add Value to there Business. we Protect Futures and Help Business’ Grow.

Intelligence Led Operations

Something that makes us different from other security companys, is the fact that we use official police crime statistics and other intelligence to calculate which risks our clients are more likely to be exposed too.

Helping us concentrate our efforts where you need it most, meaning we can Tailor your Bespoke Business Protection Operation to suit your Needs and Budget.

you can view the crime statistics yourself by clicking the link below and pressing the “find my neighbourhood” button.

Crime Prevention

Here at Delta Protective Services we believe that the little things matter, this is why we provide all our clients with warning boards and preventative signage at no extra cost. This provides our clients with a very security conscious profile, often deterring crime before it even happens.


Here at Delta Protective Services we Combine the latest technology with the Most Advanced Training, unlike many other security providers, this is very evident to our clients from day one, with every operative undergoing a minimum of 4 training courses within there probationary period, All of our Operatives and Officers come with a Radio Handset and a Bodyworn Video Camera Allowing them to Capture any Evidence and remain in contact with our 24 hr control room at the push of a button.