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Here at Delta Protective Services we Aim to Consistantly Create Watertight and Revolutionary Business Protection and Safety Operations while working within our clients budget. Our Commitment to Safety and Protection means that our Officers are never left without the Skills or Equipment to Sucessfully Protect your Business, your Assets and your Future.

Our Business Protection Services

Here at Delta Protective Services we create innovative Business Protection Solutions. Business Protection Focuses on Protecting a single business. Unlike many security companys, our bespoke and innovative approach is very apparent to our clients from day one. Discover how Delta Protective Services can Protect your Business and its future today!

Manned Guarding and Concierge Services

Here at Delta protective services we create innovative Manned Guarding solutions which are based specifically around your needs. with Included Services such as First Aid and Fire marshal Training, Fire Fighting and First Aid Resources aswell as Emergency Facilities Callouts, we create Watertight Business Protection Operations.

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Mobile Patrol and Response Services

Here at Delta Protective Services We Provide a highly Effective Mobile Patrol service, This gives our clients peace of mind and a high visibility deterrent in the form of Mobile Patrols, with additional services of alarm response and keyholding we provide a Watertight Business Protection Operation.

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Keyholding and Remote Monitoring Services

Here at Delta Protective Services we offer Revolutionary Alarm Response and Keyholding Services, our specially trained Alarm Response Riders Aim to be on Scene in minutes when we receive an Alarm Activation. Once on Scene our Alarm Response Riders Will Secure your Premises and minimise any Risk or Damage

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A word from the Insurance Brokers, Chris Wheatley of Wheatleys Insurance Brokers

Heres an Input from our freinds over at wheatleys insurance brokers (  about the benefits of Manned Guarding from an Insurance point of view.

When providing Insurance cover for property, high value & or theft attractive stock, vacant buildings or construction sites with plant, equipment and materials at risk, Insurers will often make specific security standards a pre-requisite before providing the required cover.

From minimum physical security standards for a property through to perimeter protection, Alarms and or CCTV systems there are multitude of measures that Insurers could insist be put in place before Insurance cover is provided.

When assessing any Insurance risk Insurers will look at both exposure and the existing measures in place to mitigate loss or damage before deciding whether to offer Insurance cover and whilst there is no guarantee of acceptance there are certainly ways in which more favourable Insurance terms and cover can be offered and that is through the use of Manned Guarding.

Used in conjunction with other security methods and or as a sole service, Manned Guarding Operations demonstrate to Insurers that;

• The person or company requiring the Insurance are serious about security and property protection
• Insurers recognise the professional and regulated status of security personel
• Risks such as arson, vandalism and theft are generally reduced
• Unauthorised access to site by trespassers can be prevented
• Other non-crime related matters i.e. a flood or a fire can be detected earlier mitigating possible damage

Due to the above Manned Guarding Services are viewed positively by the Insurance Industry and can make a real positive difference as to how Insurers view your business risk.

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